Personal Injury / Serious Injury & Death Attorney

Personal Injury / Serious Injury & Death Attorney

Get Protection From Medical Bills & Lost Wages

When someone else’s negligence causes you injury, illness, or damage, the law entitles you to seek recovery for your loss. Expensive medical bills, lost wages, repetitive medical procedures, pain and mental anguish are common damages associated with personal injury cases.

The Stilwell Law Firm has defended corporations and pursued recoveries for individuals and families. We use that experience on each matter we tackle. Our experience on both sides of the docket prepares us to anticipate the other sides’ positions, and it makes us better lawyers for you. This is experience you can lean on.

When an accident occurs that injures your or your family members, the consequences are catastrophic. It is important to get help right away. It can overwhelming to take care of the injuries, navigate the insurance implications, and assess the legal aspects of the accident. The Stilwell Law Firm can and does help from the moment you call us. We are here to help you and your family through this difficult and trying time.

In many instances, the Stilwell Law Firm will pursue compensation to cover your losses on a contingency fee basis, bearing the cost of the litigation and sharing in any recovery that occurs. Call us today to discuss your case and get help for your family.

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