Escalator Injury Cases

Escalator Injury Cases

Lets face it.  If the lighting is poor, the escalator is traveling too fast, or the escalator has sudden stutters or jerks, an escalator can be dangerous.  The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health has reported “Incidents involving elevators and escalators kill about 30 and seriously injure about 17,000 people each year in the United States, according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

Moving escalators can present difficulties for the most able bodied people to navigate.  When they are not maintained properly, they become dangerous and cause injuries.  All too often building management companies, including airport owners and operators, do not maintain and repair the escalators according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.  They skip inspections.  They skip maintenance.  They do it to save money.  But, they ignore the cost – injuries to you and your family.

If you have fallen on an escalator, or if someone in your family was injured by an escalator, Call Us Today!  We can help you get the help you need and the compensation you deserve.

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