Equipment Failures / Defective Product

Equipment Failures / Defective Product Attorney

Don’t Be A Victim Of Product Defects & Failures

The Stilwell Law Firm has handled a wide variety of product defect cases ranging from helicopter and aircraft defects, to oil field drilling equipment failures, to automobile rollovers and safety equipment malfunctions, to construction vehicles and forklift accidents, to medical equipment failures and consumer product malfunctions. Tom Stilwell knows, understands and appreciates the complexities of design, manufacturing and warnings claims. He has a knack for explaining the operation of complex equipment and systems in terms that a jury can appreciate. He also knows what resonates and impacts a jury’s decision making processes when evaluating the safety of a product.

Tom has written and spoken on these issues, including “Warning: You May Possess Continuing Duties After the Sale of Your Product (An Evaluation of the Restatement (Third) of Torts: Products Liability’s Treatment of Post Sale Duties)” published in The Review of Litigation, University of Texas, Vol. 26:4, p. 1035.

Tom’s breadth of experience and ability to explain technology to nontechnical jurors has resulted in his retention by equipment design and development companies, component part manufacturers and sales and distribution companies.

But just as often, Tom is hired by individuals and families to help them seek compensation following tragedy when a product failed to live up to the safety standards it should have possessed. Tom’s experience handling matters for both sides makes him a better lawyer for you. This is experience you can lean on.

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