Aviation and Airline Injury

Aviation and Airline Injury Attorney in Houston, TX

Traveling by air means that you put your care, and your families’ care, in the hands of airports, air carriers, airlines and pilots that you do not know during each trip you take. It is no wonder that the fear of flying is one of the top ten phobias that people possess.

For more than twenty-five years, the attorneys at the Stilwell Law Firm have been handling injuries and deaths that occur at airports, in jetways, on airplanes, and during domestic and international airline flights. We have also handled numerous general aviation, small aircraft, business jet, and helicopter crashes resulting in debilitating injuries and deaths.

Our attorneys know the federal laws that govern the conduct of the airlines, and enforce the regulations that apply to every aircraft, large and small. We get you the compensation you deserve for the damages and injuries you suffer during your travels.

This is experience you can count on.

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