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Our attorneys have been handing aviation claims since 1994. We have been involved in claims for passengers against numerous airlines, as well as handling aviation crashes of passenger jet aircraft, business jets, small aircraft, and helicopters.

Airports are high traffic, high stress locations. They bring together thousands of people who have to navigate the issues of ticketing, security, and a maze of jetways to find the gate where their aircraft departs or arrives.

Passengers are tired, stressed about connections, and are weighed down with luggage and demanding itineraries.

For more than twenty-seven years, the attorneys at the Stilwell Law Firm have been handling claims and disputes that occur at airports, in jetways, on airplanes, and during domestic and international airline flights. We have also handled numerous general aviation, small aircraft, business jet, and helicopter crashes.

Our attorneys know the federal laws that govern the conduct of the airlines, and the regulations that apply to every aircraft, large and small. If you need someone who knows how the airlines operate, and the interrelationship between the airport owner/manager, the airline and the contractors who service the airport and airlines, then call the Stilwell Law Firm.

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Airport Slip & Falls

As thousands of passengers traverse the airport, drink and food spills happen.  When a slip and fall occurs, the passenger blames the airline that they were traveling on.  But more often than not, its either a contractor (a janitorial service), a food court developer, or the airport itself who may be responsible for the clean up.  The Stilwell Law Firm has dealt with, enforced and defended numerous indemnity claims arising from passenger slip and fall claims at the airport.  If you need assistance in asserting, or interpreting, your rights in this situation, call us.  We have the experience that can help you.

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Wheel Chair Assistance

The Air Carrier Access Act requires airports and airlines to provide assistance to passengers who request assistance due to age, infirmity, illness, injury, or disability.

Airlines typically contract with another company to provide this service. The duty to provide wheelchair service includes assistance to and from key areas such as ticketing and baggage, as well as assistance between the jetways of connecting flights.

The Air Carrier Access Act provides the regulations and requirements for wheelchair assistance at an airport. The attorneys at the Stilwell Law Firm have written papers and given presentations at conferences on the ins and outs of the Act.

If you need someone knowledgeable about the assistance required at an airport, then call the Stilwell Law Firm today.

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Boarding and Deplaning Claims

When a passenger goes to the airport, they may board an aircraft by walking down a jetway, or they may board an aircraft by walking out to the regional jet and climbing up the stairs. Both jetways and stairways can prove difficult for passengers to navigate, and often passengers fall resulting in claims. The Stilwell Law firm has been at the heart of numerous claims arising from boarding and deplaning aircraft.

If you need someone knowledgeable about jetways, stairs, and boarding or disembarking claims, then call the Stilwell Law Firm today.

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Overhead Bins

Overhead bins also prove especially difficult for passengers.  Airlines provide overhead bins for storing carry-on items, and advise passengers on the number, size and weight of these carry-ons. However, passengers often avoid following these rules. As a result on-board storage of luggage, and loading of overhead bins, result in claims. We have handled these claims numerous times and know what they require.

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Helicopter Incidents

According to a study of “Helicopter Crashes Related to Oil & Gas Operations in the Gulf of Mexico” an average of 8.2 helicopter crashes occurred per year in the Gulf of Mexico alone in between the years 2000 and 2009. These crashes resulted in 139 fatalities, of which 98 were passengers.

The NTSB and the FAA require constant inspections and preventative maintenance. Yet, mechanical issues were cited as a factor in almost forty percent of the crashes, and in several instances flotation devices and safety equipment did not perform as it should.

The Stilwell Law Firm has been involved in numerous claims involving helicopter incidents as they land on platforms and operate in this salt water environment.

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