How Much Will This Cost? I Don’t Know if I can Afford A Lawyer.

How Much Will This Cost? I Don’t Know if I can Afford A Lawyer.

How Much Will This Cost? I Don’t Know if I can Afford A Lawyer.

You need a lawyer. Your claims are important. But the expense of litigation seems daunting. You want a lawyer who shares your interest in getting results. Welcome to the Stilwell Law Firm.

We believe in you just like we believe in our abilities. Therefore, we like to use contingent fee arrangements where we carry the costs of our services until we achieve a result for you. Quite simply, we work for results.

We like these fee arrangements because they eliminate or reduce your out of pocket costs and incentivize us to maximize your recovery. It means that we work strategically, efficiently, and convincingly to get the best result for you, knowing that we don’t get paid until you do.

Contingent fee arrangements mean that the client agrees to pay the attorneys a percentage of what is won or recovered in the lawsuit. This means you don’t receive a monthly invoice, and we don’t get paid unless we recover. Contingent fees demand skilled representation. By sharing the risk and reward, a contingent fee aligns our interests with yours. And that’s how we like it. We prefer to get paid to solve your problems. Not just to work for work’s sake.

Hybrid fees use a combination of a lower hourly billing rate with a smaller contingent percentage to reward the firm for desired results. This billing arrangement maintains the alignment of interests achieved by a contingent fee, but reduces the risk to lawyer and client. Hybrid fees lower the expense of hourly representation while retaining for you a larger portion of any award. Flexibility is the hallmark of hybrid fees because it allows us to create a fee structure that meets the individual needs of your case.

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