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Our attorneys have been handing aviation claims since 1994. We have been involved in aviation crashes of passenger jet aircraft, business jets, small aircraft, and helicopters.


Traveling by air means that you put your care, and your families’ care, in the hands of airports, air carriers, airlines and pilots that you do not know during each trip you take. It is no wonder that the fear of flying is one of the top ten phobias that people possess.

For more than twenty-five years, the attorneys at the Stilwell Law Firm have been handling injuries and deaths that occur at airports, in jetways, on airplanes, and during domestic and international airline flights. We have also handled numerous general aviation, small aircraft, business jet, and helicopter crashes resulting in debilitating injuries and deaths.

Our attorneys know the federal laws that govern the conduct of the airlines, and enforce the regulations that apply to every aircraft, large and small. We get you the compensation you deserve for the damages and injuries you suffer during your travels.

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I’ve been injured by a cart at the airport!

Airports are high traffic, high stress locations. They bring together thousands of people who are all on a schedule to navigate the issues of ticketing, security, and a maze of jetways to find the gate where their aircraft departs or arrives.

Passengers are tired, stressed about connections, and are weighed down with luggage and demanding itineraries.

There are several types of injuries that can happen in the airport and that you need to be wary of. One of the most significant dangers are the carts that operate in the airport.

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I needed assistance or wheelchair and have not been provided one!

The Air Carrier Access Act requires airports and airlines to provide assistance to passengers who request assistance due to age, infirmity, illness, injury, or disability.

Unfortunately, airlines and their subcontractors often fail to provide the necessary services to the passengers who need them the most. Often an airline will promise that a wheelchair will be available upon arrival at the connecting, or destination airport, but the wheelchair is missing or absent upon arrival. Frequently a passenger with a limited amount of time to move between connecting flights will find that assistance is not provided or available on a timely basis.

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I’ve sustained injuries during boarding or in-flight!

When you go to the airport, you may board an aircraft by walking down a jetway, and you may board an aircraft by walking out to the regional jet and climbing up the stairs. Both jetways and stairways can prove difficult for passengers to navigate, and often passengers fall and sustain injuries.

When you board the aircraft, you have to look for your seat and store your carry-on luggage. Airlines provide overhead bins for storing carry-on items, and advise passengers on the number, size and weight of these carry-ons. However, they rarely police their own rules. As a result the overhead bins become overfilled and what happens next is inevitable and foreseeable – things fall out of overhead bins hurting passengers.

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I've been hurt during landing or take-off

Pilots do not fly aircrafts anymore. Autopilots fly aircrafts. However, this means that the airlines and their flight crew sometimes allow the aircraft to fly directly into dangerous weather, including severe turbulence, that they knew or should have known would pose a risk to the passengers onboard.

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I’ve been in a helicopter crash!

According to a study of “Helicopter Crashes Related to Oil & Gas Operations in the Gulf of Mexico” an average of 8.2 helicopter crashes occurred per year in the Gulf of Mexico alone in between the years 2000 and 2009. These crashes resulted in 139 fatalities, of which 98 were passengers.

The NTSB and the FAA require constant inspections and preventative maintenance. Yet, mechanical issues were cited as a factor in almost forty percent of the crashes, and in several instances flotation devices and safety equipment did not perform as it should.

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Compensation based on performance as measured by results

We prefer to share risks/rewards with our clients whenever possible, so that we are compensated based on performance as measured by results.


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