About Us

We’re a team of experienced aviation and litigation lawyers

We believe in a focused strategy aimed making your life easier. 

Tom Stilwell started the Stilwell Law Firm in January 2017, after twenty-five years of success at a number of large national firms. Amanda Pierson also started her career in a large national law firm.  Both of us have extensive experience in aviation and personal injury cases, particularly with airline passenger claims, wheelchair incidents, oilfield accidents and probate matters.

Estate Planning & Probate


We have represented numerous clients on both sides of the docket – plaintiffs and defendants.  We use that experience on each matter we undertake, and it makes us better lawyers for you.

This is experience you can count on.


Regardless of the complexity of the case, we focus on the issues that matter most.  We simplify everything so that its easy to comprehend and follow.

Our lawyers have the skill and willingness to make your life easier.

Tom Stilwell is the finest attorney I have used in my 30 years in business.

Christopher Luke

CEO, Metal Sawing Technology


We have one goal: protecting you.  We focus on helping you land on your feet in any claim or case.   From the first meeting, we work with you to understand your needs and develop the strategy to achieve the best outcome for you.

Your goal is our goal.  It’s what we focus on from day one.


Your family is personal to you.  And, it is personal to us too.  We handle your case just as if it were one of us.  Because to us,  you are family.

Each and every case is strategically prepared.


We make every case easy for a judge and jury to understand so they decide in your favor.  We communicate with you in plain language and we avoid legal-speak.

We make your goals easy to achieve.

Operating from Houston, Texas

We help injured airline passengers no matter where they are.  We also handle business litigation and personal injury cases throughout Texas.  Wherever you are, that’s where we want to be.

The Stilwell Law Firm is ready to help you. The Stilwell Law Firm knows Aviation Law and Personal Injury Litigation. Call the Stilwell Law Firm for your free consultation today: 713-931-1311 or 832-274-6749 .

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