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We’re a team of experienced trial lawyers

We believe in a focused strategy aimed at early trial preparation. Highly competitive, laser-focused and love to be in the courtroom.

Tom Stilwell started the Stilwell Law Firm in January 2017, after over two decades of success at a number of large national firms here in Houston, Texas. Amanda Pierson works as Tom's associate and has experience with personal injury defense, particularly with oilfield accidents both onshore and offshore


Experience you can lean on

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and we use that experience on each matter we tackle. Our experience on both sides of the docket prepares us to anticipate the other sides’ positions, and it makes us better lawyers for you.

This is experience you can lean on.

Skill and willingness

Regardless of the complexity of the matter, we focus on themes and make your message simple for the judge and jury to remember.

Our lawyers have the skill and willingness to try your case to a jury.

Tom Stilwell is the finest attorney I have used in my 30 years in business.

Christopher Luke
CEO, Metal Sawing Technology

Goal oriented

Our goal to be trial-ready lets us concentrate on achieving the ultimate outcome for you, and avoids exploration of the myriad tangential, but inconsequential, issues present in many disputes. From the first meeting, we work with you to understand your needs and develop the strategy to achieve your desired outcome.

Thereafter, we work swiftly to prepare the matter to achieve that goal.

Compensation based on performance as measured by results

We frequently utilize alternative fee structures such as contingent fees, flat fees, and hybrids fee models, as we find these different options promote efficiency, clarity, and focus in the development of the case. Our clients agree, and often remark that these structures that align the goals of client and counsel fit their needs better than traditional hourly-fee rate structures.

Consequently for both plaintiffs and defendants, we prefer to share risks/rewards with our clients whenever possible, so that we are compensated based on performance as measured by results.

Operating from Houston, Texas

We have helped our clients win cases around the country. If you need help with a case outside of Texas, we will get temporarily admitted there, or we will team up with qualified lawyers in your state.


The Stilwell Law Firm is ready to help you. The Stilwell Law Firm knows Personal Injury Law. Call the Stilwell Law Firm for your free consultation today: 713-931-1111 or 844-931-3111.

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